Adding Social Media Icons

Your website comes with icons that allow you to hook up with social media applications. Here’s how you add them to your site:

1. Create a new link
2. Enter the type of icon you wish to create (shortcode for icons below)
3. Enter a link for the icon destination (i.e. your facebook page, twitter page or your website address for like buttons)
4. Hit done to create the link/icon
5. Drag it onto a menu item you create for it or into the footer links section (or both)

Shortcode for creating various icons (we will be adding more soon!)

[facebook] - facebook (link to your facebook page)

[like] - facebook like (link to your website)

[one] - google plus one (link to your website)

Note: For the like and plus one icons you would add the link to the thing you want to “like” or “plus one”. YOUR WEBSITE!

[google plus] - google plus (link to your google plus account)

[twitter] - twitter (link to your twitter page)

[linkedin] - linkedin (link to your linkedin page)

[mailto] - email icon (enter your email address)

NEW: More Icons

[vimeo] - vimeo (link to your vimeo page)

[flickr] - flickr (link to your flickr page)

[instagram] - instagram (link to your instagram page)

[pinterest] - pinterest (link to your pinterest page)

[blogger] - blogger (link to your blogger blog)

[wordpress] - wordpress (link to your wordpress blog)

[rss] - blog (link to your blog)

[youtube] - youtube (link to your youtube page)

[tumblr] - tumblr (link to your tumblr page)

NEW Icons Added 10/28/14

[houzz]- houzz (link to your houzz page)

[yelp] - yelp (link to your yelp page)

[ello] - ello (link to your ello page)

[imdb] - imdb (link to your imdb page)

[behance] - behance (link to your behance page)

[dribbble] - dribbble (link to your dribbble page)

[digg] - digg (link to your digg page)

[reddit] - reddit (link to your reddit page)

[500px] - 500px (link to your 500px page)

NEW Vector Icons
Note: you may need to update your site (under ACCOUNT and NOTIFICATIONS user the Force Update button) to use this new feature.

Under LAYOUT and the new SOCIAL ICONS panel you will see the option to “Use Vector Icons”. Turning this ON allows you to set the color and size of your icons to match your site or just to be more subtle. You can also choose between square and circle icons. Sweet!