Custom Icons

It’s now possible to add and use your own custom icons as redirects to social media, badges and links to galleries hidden in your site. Let the awesomeness begin!


Here’s how you do it.

1.Press the update button or use FORCE to make an update happen.

2. Upload your custom icons to the media library. Make sure you size them correctly or experiment with size. Also, remember if you choose to use a png with no background the icons will be more difficult to hit.

3. Create a new menu item.

4. Add a LINK to that menu item.

5. For the Title of the LINK use the following shortcode: [src=theiconyouuploaded.jpg] Note: You simply want to put the name of the icon file you uploaded to your media library after the equal sign. If you have spaces in the filename replace those with dashes -. If you uploaded an icon named Rocket Launch.jpg you will use the following shortcode: [src=Rocket-Launch.jpg]

6. You can now add a link to any website you want. Note: If you wish to use icons as menu items for galleries, you can simply put the address of the gallery minus your domain name: becomes /Clients/

7. Make sure you choose between opening the link in a new window or the same window as your site.


Now go make something awesome!