Custom PDF

Hosting & Linking to Your Own PDF in the Media Library

1.) Upload the PDF document to your MEDIA LIBRARY using the (+ ADD) button
2.) Append the filename of the PDF document (including the extension .pdf) to the end of your self-hosted url:

EXAMPLE: If you upload a PDF document with the filename: “information.pdf”
Then the self-hosted URL will be:

(NOTE: The filename is case-sensitive, so if you have any capital letters in the filename, make sure you also include them when you append them to that path)

4.) Go to the menu title you want to assign that LINK to, and click the (+ LINK) button
5.) Give the Link a “Title” and then in the “URL:” field, you will paste or type in your self-hosted url for the PDF.
6.) In the “Open Link In” field, choose “new window” from the drop-down menu.
7.) That’s it. Click DONE

NOTE: You can only assign 1 LINK per page in order for visitors to be successfully redirected to your PDF document.
Unless you want to create a Thumbnail Overview page, which is a grid-display of multiple links living under 1 Menu Title, that have their own Custom Thumbnails (see: )