Fotomoto Integration

Fotomoto is a print on demand e-commerce system that enables you to sell your images as prints, cards, wall peels and digital downloads. You can opt to have them handle the printing and shipping or you can do it yourself. We love Fotomoto because the integration with our system is clean and simple, they have a nice user interface and give you plenty of control over the sale of your images.

Here’s how you use Fotomoto with your website:

1. Make sure you are using version 9.5 of Design X (in the admin under Notifications on the Account panel press update or force update).

2. Sign up for a Fotomoto account here:

3. When setting up your account for Publishing Platform and Script Library select “I don’t know”. Under the Settings tab in your Fotomoto account copy the Store ID.

4. Under the Account tab in your Design X site admin under Owner Info paste the Store ID.

5. Add the Fotomoto cart to your site navbar by opening the Navbar panel in the site admin.

6. Press the + ADD button to add a new navbar element.

7. Under Button Type choose fotomoto (don’t forget to rename the button and tooltip).

8. Images will show up in your Fotomoto Dashboard as soon as someone has viewed them in a web browser. You can browse them and launch Fotomoto on each one yourself to force them to show up (only if you want to define sales specifics on each one).

NEW in version 10.5 of Design x: Images are added to the Fotomoto store from within your Photo Folio admin allowing you to control which images are for sale on your site. Additionally, the cart for purchase only shows up in the admin when an image is available for sale or licensing. YEAH!

8. Log into your website admin and visit the media library. If you are updated to version 10.5 you will see a new FOTOMOTO button where you can add images to be sold on your Fotomoto account.


9. Select images from your library and push the +FOTOMOTO button. You will be asked to confirm that you want to do this.

10. You will now see the images inside your Fotomoto account where you can adjust all the settings. Additionally you will see that the Fotomoto Cart on the site navbar only appears when an image is for sale.



11. If images you’ve added do not appear in your Fotomoto account you will need to check under Unavailable–> Removed. Check the images you want back and use the Action –> Recover Selected Images.


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Important Note: You must have the correct url (domain name) of your site in your Fotomoto account settings for it to connect back to you.