Inquiry Button

*NEW* Inquiry Button

You can now optionally add a button (icon, text or both) to your navbar that allows visitors to inquire about purchasing or licensing images on your site. Here’s how it works.

Under the Navbar Settings panel in your admin you will ADD a new button and choose inquiry.

To adjust the settings for the inquiry overlay once the button is pressed open the Account panel and Layout panel.

Under Layout panel Overlay tab you can change the Background Color, Background Alpha, Title (and overall) Font Family, Title Font Size and Title (plus overall) Font Color. The other font sizes are fixed at 13 points and cannot be changed.

Under the Account panel Account tab you can change the Inquiry Title and Inquiry Info to tell your visitors what options they have and what will happen when they hit send.

Finally, you need to put the email where the inquiries will go under the Account panel Account tab, General Email setting.