moving your blog

WordPress makes it easy to import an existing blog and they support most of the major blogging platforms. Here are the steps for moving your blog from it’s current location to your APF website:

NOTE: If your blog is currently not a part of your domain name (this is a part of your domain:  this is not: then you don’t have to move it.

1. Import should happen before your APF site goes “live.” if you want the blog to be live when the site goes live. You can do it after your site is live though.

2. If your current blogging platform is anything besides wordpress log into your APF blog admin and go under tools –> import, follow the directions for that platform and skip to the last step.

3. If your existing blog is wordpress, in the admin for that blog go under tools –> export and export your existing blog to your desktop.

4. Log into your existing blog using ftp and download the theme and the plugins you are using. These are located inside the wp-contents folder inside the themes folder and the plugins folder.

5. Log into your new APF site using ftp access and upload the theme and plugins. Those folders will be located in blog–>wp-content and themes and plugins folders respectively.

6. Log into your APF blog admin and go under tools–>import and import the file you exported from your current “live” blog.

Important: Make sure you check where it says “download and import file attachments”. The exported file you have on your desktop contains no images and this will move them over.

7. In the admin go into themes and activate your theme, go into plugins and activate your plugins.

8. After going “live” with your website submit a support ticket so we can update your blog urls. Since the import happened while your site was on the temporary url they will need to be updated by us to the new “live” url.

Not so bad…