Retina Logo

CATEGORY / Additional Topics AUTHOR / admin DATE / August 13, 2012

Here are the steps to create a crisp logo for Retina displays

1. Take your current logo and double the resolution (144 dpi). The document size width and height do not change but the pixel dimension will change to double it’s normal size(Leave as is when doubled).

2. Rename the logo with @2x after the original name and before the dot extension: mylogo.png will be mylogo@2x.png

3. Upload the new logo to the LAYOUT>LOGO section under Desktop Logo File.

4. Upload different filenames with @2x after the original name and before the dot extension in different sizes, to customize the logos for the TABLET and MOBILE areas under LAYOUT>LOGO.
Otherwise the TABLET & MOBILE logos will default to use the Desktop Logo File

Note: Only the latest Safari and Chrome browsers will work with Retina screens.