Site SEO

Your website comes with it’s own built in sitemap that helps search engines find all of your content and index the pages. Its recommended that you submit the sitemap to google using webmaster tools. If you are not familiar with webmaster tools or do not want to learn how they work (you should learn about this if you are concerned with SEO) you can submit a support ticket and request that we submit your sitemap for you (IMPORTANT: you must give us your google webmaster login to do this, if you aren’t sure what that is then signup for one here).

To submit your sitemap to google follow these steps:

1. Visit webmaster tools and login or sign up:

2. Add your site and download the HTML verification file.

3. Submit a support ticket with the HTML verification file to be uploaded to your site.

4. Upon confirmation from support in the dashboard select sitemap and add/test sitemap

5. Enter the address of your sitemap: sitemap.xml.php

Confirm that it found all your website pages and you are good to go.